Galileos 3D imaging

Galileos 3D imaging

Today’s patients demand the most advanced dental care. 3D visualization leads to a better understanding of both the diagnoses and treatment plan. Our 3D imaging technology allows more precision, efficient workflow, safety and confidence.

Why 3D imaging?

A dental 3D scan allows Dr. Ritchey to view your dental anatomy from different angles. A 3D scan can help gain a better view of bone structures, such as adjacent root positions, in order to locate canals and root fractures, as well as provide the ability to more accurately measure anatomical structures.

These scans also support a wide range of diagnosis and treatment planning, making them extremely flexible. Further, they increase the possibility of treatment success, granting practitioners greater predictability and confidence in preparing for extractions, performing root evaluations, and placing implants.

3D dental imaging also delivers the power of repeatability, providing fast and accurate imaging that’s consistent—and thus, reliable.

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