Investing responsibly in developing and frontier markets

Efficiently moving physical commodities from supplier to end-user

Valuing enduring partnerships and carrying each other to success

Giving back to the communities we are in

We are a global commodity trading and related-asset investment company backed by dedicated investors and managed by a highly accomplished leadership team with decades of experience in Energy, Commodity Trading and integrated Supply Chain & Logistics.

Who We Are

We Are Enabling People to Flourish

  • More than just transporting energy from areas of excess supply to where the need is, our operations play an essential role in fulfilling the promise of energy and opportunity for all.
  • Paramount to this is our culture, namely how we treat and value people – our employees, our partners and trading counterparties, the denizens of the countries where we operate, and the full spectrum of stakeholders that we touch with our actions and decisions.
  • We are connecting the dots: bringing together people, ingenuity and resourcefulness, and a vision of shared value and prosperity, to deliver energy products that help build successful businesses and communities.
  • At Montfort, we work to help people thriveflourish and chase their potential.
  • Whether it be our investors, retail end-users, financiers or 3rd party suppliers, we start with the needs, objectives and desired outcomes of each of our stakeholder groups and work backwards from there.
  • We peg our success metrics and key performances indicators to the needs of our customers and stakeholders, such that we succeed when they succeed.
  • Every employee, from a top executive, to a senior trader or recent college graduate, is challenged to consider the downstream effects of their work products and decisions. Speed matters in business; we have a bias for action, but we assess results in the long-term and, as such, believe in measuring twice and cutting once for those big decisions that impact multiple stakeholders.

We Are Stakeholder Obsessed

We Measure in Yards not Inches

  • We believe a short-term focus leads to unsustainable results and small thinking. We look for talent and leadership that think big, are entrepreneurial and have a bias for strategic solutions.
  • We value integrated approaches and systems thinking, which create long-term value; over profitability tactics, which may be short-lived.
  • The world is changing at an exponential pace, yet almost 1 billion people still lack electricity access. We are looking ahead and around corners to develop innovative solutions to the unique problems that countries face in achieving their energy ambitions.